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 What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that make the websites you visit remember your actions and the settings you have made on them. Every time you visit the site again, the browser then sends the data stored in the file back to the server. This small file is called “cookies” and it is a short text file, containing a specific string of characters with unique information. We use cookies to ensure the quality of our services and to better understand how people use our site. This is why we store user preferences in cookies and use them to track user trends and how people on our site behave and how they view them. Cookies do not pose a danger, but they are important for privacy. Cookies cannot be used to identify visitors to the site or to misuse login data.

 What cookies do we use?

Our website uses only “first party” cookies, i.e. cookies used only by our website (first party cookies) and “third party” cookies (i.e. cookies originating from third party websites). We use first party cookies to store user preferences and data needed during your visit to the website, when tracking anonymous statistics, voting in surveys, switching the display from mobile devices to the PC version of the website and logging in a registered user. We use third party cookies to track user trends and behaviours, targeting advertising, with the help of third parties – web statistics providers. Third party cookies used to track trends and behaviours are used only by our website and web statistics provider, they are not shared with any other third party.

Consent to Store Cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies unless your browser is set up differently. By using this website, you agree to store cookies.

What should I do if you do not agree to use cookies?

You can restrict or block the use of cookies in your web browser settings. For information on setting up a specific browser, please visit the following addresses: